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GPS USB Dongle
The Leadtek LR9570, G-fish, is a sleek GPS USB Dongle with high sensitivity.
GPS Tracker
LR8M03 LBS Tracker
LR8M03 is a small and powerful GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking device that is developed for personal remote positioning and emergency reporting.
Bluetooth GPS Receiver
The Leadtek LR9580, based on state of the art Mediatek Bluetooth and GPS chipset, of great sensitivity and supreme accuracy, is a Bluetooth receiver plus data logger function (Optional).
LR 9553D
Bluetooth GPS Data Logger- Your Best Photo-taking Companion
LR9537SiRFStar IIe/LP
The Leadtek 9537 Bluetooth GPS receiver is a Global Position System Receiver with Bluetooth wireless technology. This Bluetooth GPS receiver allows you to receive GPS data on mobile handhelds wirelessly.
Leadtek LR9553X Bluetooth GPS ReceiverSiRFstarIII
Leadtek LR9553X Bluetooth GPS Receiver is small, light weight, easy to fit your hand suitable any of the handheld device or PDAs .
Prepare yourself for the astonishing performance of LR9559X! LR9559X is Leadtek’s the latest released Bluetooth GPS receiver that enables your smart phones and PDAs with the up-to-date SiRFStarIII technology. This light weight design is noted for the excellent sensitivity and high configurability.
GPS Smart Antenna
LR 9450(RJ11)
The Leadtek LR9450 is a highly sensitive and compact GPS mouse with low power consumption. Built with SiRFStarIII™ architecture and RS232 interface it can be used in a variety of applications, in laptops or PDAs.
LR 9450(USB)
The Leadtek LR9450 is a highly sensitive and compact GPS mouse with low power consumption.
The Leadtek LR9532 is a small, light weight and portable ready to use high performance GPS antenna. This useful antenna can be configured to work with a variety of handheld PC, notebook, pocket PC , Palm devices or specialized systems.
GPS Industrial OEM Module
The Leadtek LR9023 module is a high sensitivity, low power consumption, very compact Surface Mount Device (SMD).
LR 9101
The Leadtek GPS 9101 module is a high sensitivity, high gain, low power and very compact Surface Mount Device(SMD).
The Leadtek GPS 9552 module (LR9552) is a high sensitivity and very compact smart antenna module, with built in GPS receiver circuit.
LR 9548S
The Leadtek LR 9548S GPS module is a high sensitivity, low power, Surface Mount Device(SMD).
LR9540(H)(with 9548S)
The Leadtek GPS LR9540H module is high performance, low power consumption, and 20-channel TTL Level GPS receiver.
LR9540(H)(with 9805ST)
The Leadtek GPS 9540 (LR9540) (with 9805ST) module is high performance, low power, 12-channel TTL level GPS receiver, based on the SiRFStarII single chipset technology while providing fast time-to-first-fix.
LR 9122
Leadtek GPS 9122 is a high performance, low power consumption, small size, integrated easily GPS module board designed for a broad spectrum of OEM system applications.
The Leadtek LR9805ST GPS module is a high sensitivity, low power, Surface Mount Device (SMD).
The Leadtek LR9559 GPS module is a wireless, fully integrated all-in-one Bluetooth® solution.
GPS Evaluation Kit
Leadtek GPS LR9500 is an evaluation kit designed to demonstrate the performance of Leadtek GPS modules
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